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The Magazine for
Porsche Enthusiasts

About NINE

NINE was born from the deep and personal passion the Porsche 911 inspires in millions of people across countries and continents. NINE brings to life the unique stories of the cars and the people who dream about, obsess over, lust for, and/or proudly own, collect, and race the most iconic sports car of all time. 

Every story in NINE is a look behind a curtain into a world—microcosm or movement—populated by rare-air sports cars and ingenious engineers, brainiac experts, and lead-footed drivers. Like the 911’s rigorously consistent body panel gaps and bulletproof performance, NINE’s storytelling brings to life details about the depth and breadth of Porsche culture that most never have the pleasure of knowing. 

NINE confidently enters a niche that is already home to some of the world’s best-designed magazines. Others diligently chronicle the masterful hardware that emerges from Zuffenhausen, Germany. NINE goes deeper—soul-deep—to capture the most intriguing and least understood cars and characters through timelessly clean, gallery-worthy visuals and words crafted by highest-level experts and insiders.

NINE is, first and last, an open love letter to Porsche and its ever-innovating sporting genius.


Why “NINE”? Because it’s the magical number that begins every internal Porsche code for every model built since the launch of the 911 in 1963. It symbolizes ultimate power, prowess and passion.

NINE, the magazine bearing the same sacred first digit, is launching mid-2024. It will be the least diluted and most direct way – other than a car key in your hand – to tap into the profound emotions Porsche’s vehicles themselves inspire in millions of people around the world.

Between now and the much-anticipated launch of NINE’s premier issue, we’d like to give you updates, sneak peaks, and exclusive insider opportunities.

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Hand-selected and designed premium items that align with NINE’s visual strength will be available for direct-to- consumer fulfillment through a high-caliber white-labeled e-commerce partner service. 


A key component to the online side of NINE will be the introduction, after the magazine’s launch, of a trusted marketplace—The NINE Garage—where Porsche buyers and sellers can experience concierge-level services to find the right car, the right buyer, and/or the right restoration/modification solutions. The NINE Garage team will streamline and customize each client’s experience, cutting fees and wait times while verifying each car’s provenance, specs, and other details.